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Main Line also specializes in strategic planning and the development of business plans for a wide variety of companies. Main Line has completed the development of a five-year business plan for the Soo Line, which examined every line segment and market to determine their future potential. This study also analyzed and compared alternative routings for several different traffic flows. Main Line also examined the market potential and impacts related specifically to transborder traffic. Similar five-year business plan analyses were conducted for Delaware & Hudson, analyzing all traffic flows and line segments to determine which lines of business were profitable core businesses, as well as identifying operational changes and labor strategies. These plans were presented to Canadian Pacific’s Board of Directors for implementation. Main Line assisted the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad in developing a long-term service planning strategy to accommodate the various requirements of their major commodity traffic flows and studied strategic alliance alternatives for Canadian Pacific rail lines in the East.

Main Line helped identify a business strategy for a company specializing in supplying and transporting aggregate materials used by railroads and a rail car manufacturing company. Main Line put together a business plan for obtaining financing for the Octoraro Railway, developed the start-up business plan for the Delaware Valley Railway, and developed strategic and financing business plans for the Massachusetts Central. Main Line determined a business strategy for a new rail-truck reload facility for Emons Transportation and was also retained to identify a viable business plan for a railroad in bankruptcy reorganization. Main Line has developed business plans for tourist rail operations in several states. Main Line produced a business plan for Enterprise Airlines, a small jet regional carrier, which was used to develop additional financing. Preparation of this plan required detailed marketing and ridership analyses, simulation of flight operations and schedules, development of operating and corporate expenses, and the presentation of pro forma financial statements to investment bankers. Main Line was retained to develop market and competition databases for a new private bank and developed a business plan and financing package for a small business.